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  • Craige Ruffin

    It would be helpful to understand how the min/max deduction figures are applied. If I as a consumer indicate my car has poor interior condition, and the min/max deduction range is $250/$500, what does that mean? Does The Buying Platform deduct $250, $500, the average? This may be explained in another knowledge base article but having an explanation here would be helpful.

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  • Ryan Demars

    Great question. This should help. The deduction is taken as a percentage of the vehicle's value to deduct and the minimum/maximum dollar amounts are in place as boundaries for the deduction to not take too much off of the car for that given answer.

    An example would be customer says their car is a 5 out of 10 on the scale of bad to perfect condition. The percent deduction is set as 5% of the vehicle's value. The amount of that deduction will depend on the price of the vehicle being traded. IE 5% of a higher-priced car would be a larger deduction. The ranges are set as boundaries. 

    Referencing the chart on the right, on a $20,000 car- a 5% deduction would be $1,000. On a $200,000 car, that same answer would cap out at the maximum Deduction of $3,000 or whatever the dealer has chosen for their boundary range.   

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